Every Success starts with a dream and a drive. When I first started out, I was treated like PURE TEXAS DIRT, but I kept on striving, I persevered, I did WHATEVER IT TOOK in South Beach to make a name for myself and be seen. Now 17 years later. I want to afford new undiscovered talents a chance. A platform to be seen, a spotlight. Hence, the idea for Queen Of The Night. Children, I want to see u shine, and entering is NOT about winning, but about exposing... YOU! You got to believe in yourself and be seen. I encourage all you undiscovered diamonds to shine.
Queen of the Night kicks off this 2013 season with a challenge you can't refuse... ANYTHING GOES!
Winner receives:
*$100 cash prize

*Booking at Liquid

*Chance to special guest host the following Queen of the Night.

Who will we call Majesty?


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