The 6th Annual Gasparilla Extravaganza!


Put on your helmets and strap in for the 6th Annual Gasparilla Explosion at Casa del Marriott. This is the one they've been whispering about. Me along with my co-host Yulia (the future Mrs. Marriott) will be welcoming you to a day of debauchery complete with fire pit, open bar, kegs, an orgy of meats and general pirate-laced debauchery. Feel free to bring one of the following: a side dish, canned beer for the parade route or your favorite, special bottle of booze to add to the bar. Pirate garb is more than encouraged, it's mandatory! Trust me you'll feel naked without it. We have parking but it's limited, so cram as many people in your boat as you can. Bring a guest or two if you like... pirate hookers are preferred but you can bring your slob guy buddies too. It's all good.
  • 2901 W San Carlos St. Tampa, FL 33629
    Tampa Bay
  • Saturday Jan 26, 2013
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