Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

100% love it
Right next to the airport
Big fancy corporate hotel, in downtown Tampa. Close to Ybor City.


    • dcat1956
      dcat1956 Over a year ago

      Lose points for no early check in
      The rooms at the Grand Hyatt are very nice; the beds are comfortable. The food is prepared very well too; if you decide to eat in any of the restaurants. But my biggest pet peeve; is that the hotel was not very accommodating when it came to early check-in. One of my travel companions was given a room at our arrival at 3:00 PM. Myself and another companion were told; your rooms will be ready after 4:00 PM. What? The GH needs to be a little more fair in that aspect and a little better prepared for guests who normally check in at 3:00 PM in other fine hotels.

    • bisoccerjock
      bisoccerjock Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome. Quiet.
      I love this place.