The Castle

93% love it
Welcome to the dungeon
Although not a gay bar, this underworld-themed club is popular with both goths and the fetish community. Strong drinks, multiple dance floors, and some of the best events in the Tampa area make this a go-to club for people from all over.
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    • BruceTampa
      BruceTampa Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Why go anyplace else.
      I've been going to the Castle since it first opened. Always a great crowd and the best music ANYWHERE. If you are having trouble dancing here, you just don't know how to dance.

    • tampatraveler
      tampatraveler Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Far and away the best club in Tampa
      Thursdays is definitely the night to go if you want to see the gays, but it also has a healthy mix of straighties too. A great place to bring a mixed crowd to dance. See Raven in the side bar upstairs - she is by far the coolest bartender ever. ;)

    • cirquefanian
      cirquefanian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      4 not much dancing
      This would be anyone on Vampire Freaks' dream club, Old gothic setting, its more eye candy than ear candy though the music could be better.... its very dark music i understand it goes with the theme but unless your on drugs its kinda hard to dance to.

    • RCN8843
      RCN8843 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very cool
      Dark, loud and fun. Went a couple weeks ago and was very different than what I expecting. Awesome dance floor, good prices and some hottttttties. Also has a lot of little nook and crannies to have a more relaxed/intimate conversation. Would reccomend for sure.

    • a cool place for vampires and the like
      This place is cool it is a club in a wharehouse in ybor totally made to look like a dungeon/ vampire castle everything from the floor to bar to furniture was with the theme of the place a diverse crowd mostly g&l's but theres vampires, goths and straight people too more bars than you could ever need so u wont wait for a drink long a cool place to check out